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Handcrafted instruments by Peter Worrell.

One Handed Clarinet.

Band Flutes, Flutes, Headjoints,

Bb bass flute

B footjoint for Rudall Carte

Peter Worrell RC flute

One Handed Recorders

OHMI competition 2017.

Awarded in the playable catergory for the One Handed Clarinet.

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Peter Worrell Instruments. One Handed Clarinet, Marching Band Flutes,Bb Crown, Covered hole Bb flute, Crown Piccolo, Crown F flute, Covered hole F flute, Blood and Thunder Flutes, Bb Coronet. Flutes, D piccolo, simple system, Peter Worrell RC simple system flute, Basel flute. Headjoints for concert flutes in African Blackwood.

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