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The flute headjoint is the most important part of your instrument. A poor headjoint will reflect in the sound you make.

Improve your sound with a Peter Worrell headjoint.

All headjoints are hand cut to provide the optimum volume, tuning, and ease of blowing.

Whether you play one of the Worrell flutes or not, it is possible to improve your flute with a new head.




Crown head with raised lip plate, silver lined head, silver lined tuning slide.Silver plated fittings. Price £160.00 + P&P




Traditional style Crown head. Silver lined head with silver tuning slide.Silver plated fittings. Price £115.00 + P&P



Coronet head. One piece african blackwood. Unlined polished nickel silver fittings. Price £60.00 + P&P




Special heads

Example shown: Silver tube, silver riser and lip plate. Hand engraved by Paul Edwards. Gold plated. Prices on request.


Please contact: Peter Worrell with your enquiry.

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