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Peter Worrell Concert Bb flute

Worrell Concert Bb flute, made from African Blackwood. A=440hz

Parallel solid silver lined headjoint with raised lip plate. Solid silver lined tuning slide. Tapered one piece body.

5 or 6 key version available.

Silver plated nickel keywork. Stainless steel springs throughout.

Premium Deluxe leather pads

Supplied in faux suede pouch.

Price £420.00 +P&P


Postage currently £8.00 (insured next day delivery)


To place an order email Peter Worrell with your details and the model you require.



This image shows the difference between the high pitch model (upper image) and the concert pitch (lower image).

Designed for players who wish to play with other instruments which are concert pitched.

This instrument takes the standard Peter Worrell Bb headjoint.

Made to the exacting standards of all Peter Worrell Flutes, allowing players to change from one to the other if necessary, as the finger spacing is very similar to the high pitch model.