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Peter Worrell One Handed Clarinets

Designed and made in Norfolk, UK.

Click Here for Peter Worrell Demonstating the Clarinet


Handmade clarinets to the highest specification.

Suitable for Beginners to Professional players.

Unique keywork to enable one handed playing.

African Blackwood unstained body.

Silver plated keywork.

Left Hand and Right Hand models.

Tuning A440hz.

Fully Chromatic from Low E to high F.

Micro tuning barrel mechanism operated by one hand.

Daniels Claritie to support the clarinet.

Microphone adaptor for alternative full support.

Fingering charts for left and right hand instruments.

Click here for Right Hand Fingering Chart

Click Here For Left Hand Fingering Chart

Instrument case and all accessories supplied as standard.


This instrument comes with a Daniel's Claritie that clips into place and allows full movement whilst playing.


A microphone fitting is available to allow full alternative support.


One Handed clarinet comes with the following as standard.

Luxury case for carrying the instrument securely and all the standard accessories.

Daniel's Claritie with neck strap and fitting to the clarinet.

Mouthpiece and ligature and easy fit band for precise alignment of the reed.


Microphone stand attachment.

Clarinet floor stand.

Cleaning swab.

Price £6000.00

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