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Peter Worrell Coronet


example 3 key model


Made from African Blackwood, the Coronet has been developed from the Crown scale. A=452.5hz

Principally for Blood and Thunder bands and apprentices.

The keywork and fittings are solid polished nickel silver

All springs are stainless steel.

One piece headjoint, hand cut to the same exacting standards as the Crown.

Available in 1 key, 3 key and 5 key options.


1 key model Coronet £150.00+ P&P

3 key model Coronet £165.00+P&P

5 key model Coronet £240.00+P&P

Postage currently £8.00 (insured next day delivery)


To place an order email Peter Worrell with your details and the model you require.