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Peter Worrell Crown Bb Flute

example shown 5 key flute

covered hole 5 key above

Bb flute in African Blackwood. Data taken from the Hawkes Crown AZ flutes. A=452.5hz

Parallel solid silver lined headjoint with raised lip plate. Solid silver lined tuning slide, tapered bore body.

5 or 6 key version available.

Silver plated keywork. Stainless steel springs throughout.

Premium Deluxe leather pads

Supplied in faux suede pouch.

Price £415.00 +P&P (5 key model)

postage currently £12.00 (insured next day delivery)

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To place an order email Peter Worrell with your details and the model you require.



The new Crown by Peter Worrell has been developed at the request of several players requiring a quality instrument.

The dimensions for the bore are a drawn from a number of instruments. I have taken the best attributes from them all to produce a flute of outstanding sound and build quality.

The body, headjoint and barrel are made from seasoned African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon).I currently season the majority of my tropical hardwoods for a minimum of 5 years, but occasionally have the chance to purchase blackwood which has been seasoned longer.

The headjoint lining and barrel slider are of sterling silver and pulled in my own workshops. This produces an unrivalled tone for group playing but also has the volume for outside processions.

The keywork has been improved to make it comfortable under the fingers and also reliable. The surface is highly polished and a generous amount of silverplate is then applied. With care this surface will remain bright and not tarnish like the instruments of old.

It is with the headjoint that I believe the largest improvement can be made and I have spent a great deal of time and research trying to improve upon the original. The embouchure and the undercutting of it seemed to make a great improvement. I have also thinned the head from a solid piece to leave the lip plate raised at the correct height. This adds to the resonance as does the silver lining.



Brian Crossett suggested a new Crown a while ago and he was the recipient of the first instrument.

Brian Crossett
Sir George White Flute Band Broughshane

28 December 2006

Dear Pete

I decided to write to you a letter of commendation and appreciation for the flute you have made for me. As an ardent flute player and band enthusiast with a long history in bands, spanning some 40 years, beginning at age 10 in Drumconvis Flute Band Coagh and continuing in the Young Conquerors Shankill Road Belfast. I have been band master of the Duke of Schomberg Flute Band and the Lord Louis Mountbatten Memorial Flute Band, I believe I can know a good flute when I see one. I have previously owned two Hawkes & Son Crown A-Z flutes, one made in African Blackwood the other in ebonite both of which I sold to the Whiterock Flute Band, as at the time I had decided to retire from bands. I later regretted this as I believed I would never find another flute as good.

I searched the internet daily looking for a Crown for sale but was unsuccessful. Having joined the Sir George White Flute Band who used the Miller Wicks flute which I highly recommend as a good flute, I learned to make do with a flute reasonably close to the A-Z. However I was still on the lookout for a Crown A-Z original. When I discovered your website I wondered if you might be able to make a Crown replica and you know all the rest.

Now that I have a Peter Worrell flute, I have no further interest in a Crown A-Z. The Worrell is so much superior. Even to look at it is a masterpiece. I have an instrument that is as sweet as a nut in tone with a full bodied sound and is easy to play. The high notes do not squeal and the low notes are strong. The volume is unbelievable. Some notes are difficult to register on other flutes like the high F, other notes are strained like the high A of Top F. However, on the Worrell every note is accurate and easily reached. The keys are beautiful to look at and set perfectly so that the springs have just the right tension. I appreciate also that consideration has been made to counteract over depression of the keys so that tunes with fast runs can be played easily without slurring. Some tunes have parts which require a reduction in volume like for instance Old Comrades, on the Worrell this is easily done without distortion of the notes. Other flutes do not allow for this.













Worrell Crown Options for Bb flutes

5 key model £415.00 + P&P

6 key model £425.00 + P&P

Traditional straight head, 6 key model £405.00 + P&P

Traditional straight head, 5 key model £385.00 + P&P

Traditional straight head only £155.00 + P&P (click here to view image)

Carved lip plate head only £200.00 + P&P (click here to view image)

Covered hole 5 key with carved lip plate £550.00

Covered hole 5 key with traditional straight head £505.00



Gold plated keywork and fittings £250.00 approx (dependant on current gold price).

Engraved keywork and bands available on request.

Contact Peter Worrell to place an order or an enquiry


6 key engraved silver keywork, gold plated. Photo by Robert Bigio. Click here for more images.

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Traditional style head. Solid silver lined with silver tuning slide. Silver plated fittings.


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Carved lip plate. Solid silver lined with silver tuning slide. Silver plated fittings.